Now I Understand Why Niggers Are Always Poor.


You see when most Niggers reach the age of when they're supposed to start building their wealth and savings. That's the time they'll be chasing hoes and bitches up and down like flies. Killing themselves from different cult groups. Spending all the money they're supposed to be saving up on prostitutes like it's the pussy that'll pay the bills. Then when they reach age 40, they realize they have nothing,zero savings, zero money. Nothing. They slip into depression and full of regret. Some even take their lives. Niggers genetically lack the X chromosome found in XY chromosome, this chromosome is responsible for intelligence in humans.! That's why they're so unintelligent like an ape in the zoo. The white men don't lack this chromosome, that's why they're smarter. And therefore don't lack foresight. It's a sad case really, and nothing can be done about this. This is also the reason why all Nigger countries are so impoverished. We have all the resources in abundance, but don't know what to do with it & lack the technical now how on his to harness this raw material to create revenue and jobs. Sad case.

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