My Girlfriend Threatened To Leave Me If I Waste Money This Year


Please Good evening naijaworld. Something I want to ask you about something, let me start from here, I have been dating this girl for years now.. am still a student but am into this online biz (random business) so I make quite a lot, so I have this useless friend of my an Igbo guy which I was seeking advice for business to start offline, he give useless idea there by I spend alot on business that always fails So I came up with an idea to travel out of the country and go to Canada/Japan so I finally applied for both then I will choose will one will be preferable so the Japan visa is out, where as the Canadian visa is not out due to the Covid19 issue. So finally I was have double mind about travelling because of this girl because I truly love her. I was trying to see if I will do business instead so I was seeking advice from everyone including her. This girl said something to me which got me confused said if I waste money this year she will leave me and move on, ah is not I don't give her money I make sure she get everything she want, am still young, a student although am getting money online, does it mean she doesn't love me but she is only there for money. So I need advice on this because really this is really confusing,

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