How My Wife's Younger Brother Became A Millionaire...


Compliments friends. My wife's younger brother is just 23years, he studies in The Polytechnic Ibadan, Saki Campus. He was dead broke 1year ago and he is now a Millionaire. The last time he visited me and her elder sister who happens to be my wife was 3years ago when he came to write the JAMB he used to gain admission into the Polytechnic. Recently, he sent 20k to my wife's account as my son's birthday gift. This surprised my wife because she never expected his younger brother who is still in school to be able to afford that amount of money as a gift to her baby. To shorten the story, early Dec, 2020, my wife received the news that his brother bought a new lexus car and took it home to show his dad and mum. Since that time, my wife' mum has been psychologically unstable because she believes her son has gone into yahoo stuff or rituals and my wife has stopped calling and receiving his calls. I tried to interrogate the boy about the source of his wealth but he keeps telling me he is into bitcoin business. I was very skeptical about his response because, those profiting from bitcoin are those that have thousand or millions to invest, or those that bought bitcoin when it was cheap about 3 to 5years ago but this guy doesn't know anything about bitcoin 3years ago and he doesn't have millions to invest for him to have had such returns from bitcoin business. I learnt this guys has invested in big properties and I'm sure he is worth 100M with some of his investment and properties I have idea of. Friend, I'm very sure that this guy is only telling us lies that his wealth is from Bitcoin trading/business. Please, what could be the possible source of his sudden wealth? Thanks for your anticipated response.

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