I came home from work, tired. I sat down on the sofa and put my feet up. My wife brought me a glass of water. My son gave me a sheet of paper and I read through: English 17% Biology 35% Mathematics 40% Physics 37% Chemistry 42% Economics 12% Agriculture. 19% Geography 22% Suddenly, I lost my temper and started shouting: "What is this? All the time you are on phone and TV! How dare you bring me such marks? How dare you?" My wife said: "Be patient. Listen...." But I interjected, "Shut up! It's your love and pampering that have spoilt him. He is no good and never serious at all!" My Wife said: "Oh,really?" I shouted: "No one in our family has performed so badly, ever!" My son said: "Dad, I am sorry I made you angry. I was cleaning the old cupboard and I found this. It is your old school report card, dated 27th July, 1977 sir." I looked at the top and it was actually my own report sheet. My name was boldly inscribed on it! I became humbled, gentle and dumbfounded. Imagine the atmosphere afterwards. Calmness in the air. With a foolish grin on my face, I replied, "Son, you know, in those days, food was scarce." �����‍♀️�‍♀️�‍♀️�‍♀️ MORAL OF THE STORY James 1:19 "So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger." BE BLESSED �

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