Delta Information Commissioner In War Of Words With Opposition Groups

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In what seems to be war on social media between Charles Aniagu, Delta State commissioner for information and opposition group in Delta State, Delta Lives Matters, Charles Aniagu has labeled the activists and opposition Group as set of greedy and blind people. It will be recalled that Deltapointer. com had earlier reported how the opposition Group wrote an open letter to Governor Wike of Rivers State yesterday, appealing to him to tutor Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa of Delta on good governance and Rapid development of Delta State. But it seems that the letter did not go down well with Mr. Charles Aniagu, the Commissioner of Information, Delta State. In a swift reaction to our post sighted by him, the Commissioner labeled the activists and opposition group as greedy and blind people. He said "THE WORLD IS NOT BLIND EVEN IF SOME PEOPLE ARE BLINDED BY HATRED AND PERSONAL GREED Have a wonderful Sunday... Charles Aniagu. " The above reply did not also go down well with the opposition group as they fired back with a more damning article describing the commission as a puppet to the Governor who have sold his conscience because of personal gains. Their response as obtained by Deltapointer below. THE WORLD IS NOT BLIND EVEN IF SOME PEOPLE ARE BLINDED BY HATRED AND PERSONAL GREED Have a wonderful Sunday... Charles Aniagu. The above message is Mr Charles Aniagu's response to our publication for Governor Wike to invite Okowa to join him commission projects in Rivers state and also tutor Okowa on good governance, development of the State for the betterment of the people. It is quite unfortunate that a supposedly educated man like Charles will reduce himself to a daft constantly using gutter languages to attack critics of the Okowa's failed administration at all times instead of responding to issues of gross corruption, abuse of Office, criminal conversion of government properties for his personal use, extreme nepotism and excessive greediness levelled against Governor Ifeanyi Okowa as his Honourable Commissioner for Information. Charles Ehiedu Aniagu is the Delta State Commissioner for Information, who was used to replace a very sound mind like Patrick Ukah as a result of nepotism. The so-called Commissioner for Information is from Ika North-East LGA of Delta State like Governor Okowa, yet the state owned television and radio stations don't transmit to their local government area but sits in the comfort of his office to feed deltans with lies and deceits. Charles Aniagu like Governor Okowa, has corruptly used his office to enrich himself, but we are not going to talk about that today. We are not denying the fact that we hate Okowa, we hate him so terribly that we'll prefer to chase him out of our houses instead of bedbugs, why? Because Okowa hates deltans to the point of wishing if we are going to sleep and not wake up the next morning. Okowa's hatred can be seen in the way and manner he treats the civil servants and 85% of his political appointees as if they are slaves. Because of his hatred for deltans he bluntly refused to create meaningful jobs for the unemployed and also suffocates little businesses with his multiple taxations. Coming to talk about greed, if not for greediness why will Okowa be taking two billion naira (N2billion) as security votes monthly and his wife is alleged to be going home with two hundred and fifty million naira (N250million) as her own security votes in the same State where retired primary school teachers and pensioners are dying like chicken on weekly basis as a result of Okowa's refusal to pay them their entitlements. Okowa is dangerously greedy to the point he gave his biological daughter, siblings, in-laws and other blood relatives appointment in his government so that they will be feeding heavily on the state treasury. Okowa's greediness took a different level when he appointed his biological daughter as Senior Special Assistant on Girls Child, gave her a brand new Toyota Prado jeep as official vehicle, beautifully furnished office accommodation and approved a whopping four hundred million naira (N400million) for her to organise a very senseless programme for less than two hundred female children. Can Okowa tell us one Special Adviser or Executive Assistant he has approved up to two hundred million naira (N250million) for in this administration apart from his daughter who is lower in rank to these offices? Meanwhile, no Executive Assistant and Senior Special Assistant have official vehicle and well-furnished office accommodation in the state apart from his own people. Okowa is so greedy to the point that his family members are the major contractors that are getting major projects in the state, importing people as their fronts from outside the state to be handling all these projects. Okowa is so greedy to the point he is using the funds that are meant for the development of Oil Producing Communities in Delta state to build a seven star hotel currently in Asaba, and almost completed his private [world class] specialist hospital in Agbor, apart from the mega petroleum stations he built in Asaba and other parts of the Country through fronts. Little wonder the heartless man sent a congratulatory message to the GMD of NNPC on his birthday. Stinking Charles Aniagu should do his research well before trying to call anyone who criticises his boss as greedy and blind. Charles Aniagu, have it in mind that deltans will soon know who you are. Thief! #CorruptionMustEndInDeltaState DELTANS LIVES MATTER Christian Moses Abeh, Global Coordinator Gabriel Mamuzo, Deputy Global Coordinator Citizen Miracle Ifeanyi Ogor, Europe Coordinator. Comr.

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