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MY MIDNIGHT ADVENTURES EPISODE 1-14 (coolstories Completed)Rated � Episode 1. I woke up in the middle of the night and let my thoughts drift down memory lane, I imagined how my life would have if I have not met Sandra and Anita. I had foreseen the doom they brought on me, I would have ran as fast as my little legs could have carry me away from them. I became a di*ck hunter ’cause of my friends influence on me, I want to share my life story with you. My name is Jessica, my friends calls me Jessy, sometimes Jessy su-cker, because I was obsess with su-cking of di-ck. It all started in my first year in the university, I just turned 17years but I had the body of an adult, am quite busty wide waist and rounded moderate soft butto-cks that can set fire on your g—n. with two pair of sweet melons on my chest, my ni-pples was the ’cause that Alhaji chased away his beloved wife and children. Fair in complexion and chubby, I love dancing especially twerking, my family was an average Nigerian family. I had my first sex due to pressure from my friends and the need to belong. Most freshers could relate to these feelings to roll with the big girls on campus. I never dreamt of losing my virginity the way I lost it. I had two room mates; Sandra and Anita I always thought they were from Rich homes because they wore expensive clothes and used the latest phones, I they are both se-x workers, runs girl they called it. . They were way older than me but you wouldn’t know that at first glance. Anita was an ebony with slender body, her brea-sts and a-ss are so obvious compared to her smallish stature, with full lips and h-orny eyes, than can make a man blow his seeds while staring at them, Sandra was fair with big a-ss but moderate bre-asts, we usually hailed her Sandy wire wire, she has se-x often, Sandra was in a relationship with Michael, a leader of the toughest cult on campus, one day I was returning from lecture, it was hectic day. because I knew few places on campus, I was in need of were to stay, Sandra and Anita offered me shelter with some money I paid to them, after returning from the faculty for clearance, I was hugging my files and beads of sweats forming on my forehead, I went to the school park and took a shuttle down to the park at the end of the campus, I came down from the shuttle and paid fifty naira, since it was free lecture day for me, I decided to spend the day at home. I got close to the lodge and I started hearing funny sounds coming from the apartment I shared with Anita and Sandra, I was a neophyte then, I have never seen a po-rn video, neither do I have knowledge of se-xual sounds, I opened the gate and entered inside the room, I was startled with what my eyes behold, Sandra was on top of a naked guy, and she was naked on top of him. she was riding his di-ck. “Aahhh” Sandra was moa-ning loudly, and enjoying every bit of it. My files off from my hands and I screamed “Jesus” both of them turned to me sweating profusely. Episode 2. They didn’t make any attempt to move or cover up themselves, I wanted to run out but it was as if an unseen force rooted me to that spot. I stared at Sandra who remained sitted on his stomach,his d–k was still buried deep inside her. Her body was sweaty, while Michael stared inquisitively at me, she made to call my name, that was when I gathered enough courage and ran out,I heard them laughing afterwards. I came out of the apartment and sat Mallam Shehu kiosk at the front of the yard, what I saw kept replaying in my head. I felt a sweet chill run down my spine and an unusual feeling have never felt before. After twenty minutes he came out with Sandra beside him, their hands were locked together, I must confess then that he had a pretty huge d–k and he is handsome too, with an axe tattoo at his nape. I slapped my forehead to discard the thought but it still won’t go away. Sandra got back and asked me if I liked what I saw back there and I replied in the negative, gave me a wide grin saying “Babe no worry, very soon you go dey chop cucumber pass me” and I wondered what she meant by that. Anita came back later in the evening with two big bags filled with goodies;one was filled with clothes and shoes, and the other contained provisions and I really wished I could be in their shoes even for a day. “Hey Jessy have this” she gave me a smaller bag and I thanked her wholeheartedly for her kindness and benevolence act. On opening it I saw new dresses, three pairs of shoes, jewelries, and lastly a Android phone and make-up kit. “Hmm Annie, you know I don’t wear make-up but thanks anyways” I reminded her, Sandra laughed so hard at me and called me a jew girl wey never know wetin dey sup. all had dinner and went to bed, I woke up around 11pm because of the sound I heard and it turned out to be Sandra and Anita dressing up. I wondered where they were heading to by this time of the night… Episode 3. I decided to satisfy my curiosity by asking Anita what they meant by fun and she me they were going for a party outside school. I gaped at them open mouthed like someone who just saw a ghost, Sandra’s harsh tone made me shut my mouth after she asked me why do I bother to disturb them if I never wanted to join them. “Babe do make we dey go jare. I wonder why you dey always mind this JJC sef” Sandra said. She hissed and stared at me batting her long eyelashes “you think say money dey fall from heaven, babe… shine your eyes” Sandra snapped at me. I was disappointed in them, I asked of the money their parents normally send them, why do they have to involve in such act if their parents were giving them so much money to live the flamboyant lives they were living, both of them looked at themselves and roared in laughter. I wondered what made my question comical or turned into something laughable, Sandra cleared her throat and said “I talk am!, this girl na better jew babe!!” she made it clear that whatever they had wasn’t from their parents that I should stop seeing them asof Dangote’s children, “girl start to dey use wetin you get to get wetin you want , babe wise up oh! hungry go kill you one day oh!” Sandra replied firmly with her palms opened. I was curious to know how they came about possessing all what they had as their own, if their parents weren’t actually rich as they said. “Jessy Jessy! If you want to Know ehn, just dress up and come with us let’s teach you how to fish because we can’t be catching fish and feeding you forever” Anita complained bitterly. I wore my best gown that stopped below my kneel “babe, no be campus fellowship we dey go, we are going to party. babe, this girl no serious” Sandra snarled at me. Anita gave me a short gown and helped me with make-over, it felt strange and exciting too, ’cause that was the first time am wearing make-up and it makes me look extremely beautiful. As we stepped out of our apartment, I kept wondering where we are heading to and will it answer the question I asked them earlier. We got out of the gate through the help of the gateman that Sandra tipped, a car was waiting, just in the front of the Mallam’s kiosk, Sandra got in the front with the driver while Anita and I entered the back seat. The car was dark, I couldn’t see the driver because the inner light were not on “I see, you came with a friend” the voice seem familiar but couldn’t place the owner of the voice. “Oh! it’s Jessy” Sandra replied him and his voice dragged on with surprise “isn’t she the one who walked in on us the other day?” Sandra nodded and he ignited the car’s engine and we drove off. we drove for a long time before stopping in front of a building and we all came out of the car. Episode 4. We walked inside the building and it was buzzing with loud music, full of different girls wearing skimpy clothes and some were wearing just panties dancing on a pole. It instantly dawned on me that we were in a club and a stripping club at that,I like a lost sheep who willing the butcher to the slaughter house. We walked up to a table; there were three guys sitting there and we sat with them after exchanging pleasantries. They seem quite familiar with my friends because of the way they all got along while I just stare into space with my head bowed thinking of what my parents will say or do if they find out am at a club of all places to be. Sandra nudged me out of my thoughts and introduced me to the guys and they all flashed me a smile,few minutes later, Sandra left with her boyfriend and Anita also stood up with one of the guys. I asked her why they were leaving,she grinned at me and said they are going to earn money while winking at the two guys left. I was beginning to get scared but I decided not to show it,one of them went to the bar, got me a drink in a cup and gave me. I didn’t ask about the content but just it due to nervousness, I started feeling woozy and tipsy. I got up from the chair and started dancing and shaking my ass, I was d--n feeling h---y. One of them got up and grabbed me by the waist and started rocking his hard-on on my soft buttocks. I was intoxicated and i quickly grabbed him by his nape and gave him a wet kiss on his lips, I was feeling hot. He scooped me up from the floor and carried me to a room with the other guy tagging along, “pull your clothe” one of them ordered, a tattoo was on his right arm. I giggled like a school girl and did what he said, I removed all my clothes and stood before them. He came for a kiss again, I reciprocated the kiss and we continued Kissing till I felt my legs touch the bed, he pushed me on the bed and I fell exhaling. He separated my legs while the other one started s-----g my boobs. It was the first time someone was doing such to me, tingling feelings rush to my head and my p---y, I grabbed his head to urge him not to stop “Ahhhhh” I moaned softly as I felt the other one’s tongue on my bare p---y,my moaning increased when his tongue touched one particular part of my p---y which I later knew as c--t. If you can't find the remaining episode please visit our official website

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