Strange Historical Facts You'll Have A Hard Time Believing


Most times, moments in history often fade away and what seemed like a certain fact this year may also fade to a myth next year. When you look back at it, you would be surprised at the things that happened centuries ago. This is a collection of ten amazing facts from history that you may find hard to believe. 1. In 1986, a chernobyl firefighter was exposed to so much radiation that it changed his eye color: In 1986, a firefighter named Valdmir Pravik was responding to a nuclear disaster in a Chernobyl nuclear plant, as he was dousing the flames in the core of the reactor, he was exposed to an excessive and lethal dose of radiation. The level of radiation was so deadly that it changed his eye color from brown to blue. 15 days later, he died from severe radiation poisoning. 2. Adolf Hitler helped in the design of the Volkswagen beetle: The popular vehicle the beetle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche with the help of Hitler. This was done as part of a Hitler revived German initiative to create 'the peoples car', a practical and affordable car that everyone could own. The name of the car 'Volkswagen' literarily translates to 'People's car' in English. 3. The first 'yo momma' joke was made by Shakespeare: William Shakespeare was a late sixteenth century English playwright and poet known for his well renowned literary works such as romeo and Juliet or Hamlet. He also made some less acknowledged contributions to the literary world, he originated the 'yo momma jokes'. In a play he wrote titled 'Titus Adronicus', Chiron, a character in the book exclaims "Thou hast undone our mother", and another character Aaron replies "Villian, I have done thy mother". 4. Pineapple was considered a status symbol in 18th century England: If you were a pineapple seller in England in the 1700s, then you would have been a millionaire. Pineapples were becoming a huge craze around that time and they were so expensive and rare that it became a status symbol. People that were rich enough to afford it would carry it around to show their wealth and status and decorate their houseware and clothing with it. Even people that couldn't afford a pineapple would rent one in order to show off in public. 5. The bullet used by the AK-47 was created 130 years ago by the Russian empire: The 7.62mm rifle bullet was originally designed for the Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle during the time of the Russian empire in 1891 nearly 130 years ago. It is one of the most common types of firearm ammunition in history and it is still in use till today. It is the bullet that the popular Ak-47 rifle makes use of.

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