Day 7: Kanu Still Refused To Go For DNA Test Challenge


#DNA Challenge: Igbo Youth Leader volunteers to go for DNA test with Nnamdi Kanu by chukwuaustin(m): 6:42am The founder of Igbo Youths in Nigeria and in Diaspora . Comrade Chukwuma Dike, have challenged the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra to a DNA test for the both of them to ascertain if truely Nnamdi kanu is an Igbo Man. He futher said that Kanu during his numerous broadcast has been insulting Igbo mother's by calling their son's fulani blood. This according to Comrade Chukwuma Dike is totally unacceptable. Comrade Chukwuma Dike however volunteered to submit himself for a DNA test and have challenged Nnamdi kanu to submit himself too so that the entire world will be sure that Nnamdi kanu is indeed an Igbo Man. During our interview with him he called on well meaning Igbo philanthropist and government officials to sponsor the DNA test Challenge. While speaking to our reporter he cried emotionally how the said abusive language has caused so much pains to our mothers who the world now see as promiscuous. We appeal to all Nigerian to mount pressure on the two individuals to conduct their DNA test so that this issue can be laid to rest. #DNAtest I am Chukwu reporting

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