The Two Things You Need To Excel In 2021.


THE TWO THINGS YOU NEED TO EXCEL IN 2021 The Second One Is Something You Must Also Master If 2021 Will Be A Flourishing Year For You Today being the 12th of January, I decided to come up with something inspiring and thought provoking for you because the truth is this, prayer is good and prophecies are important but when you lack the two things I will be talking about in today's article then 2021 will not deliver results for you. This is not a curse oo. Just follow me closely ! I have come to realize that a new year doesn't change anything rather it is what you do in the year that determines the changes you will see. The results you seek won't come to you on a platter of gold neither will it happen by luck. You must master these two things; FOCUS and EXECUTION 1. FOCUS This is something many people are not paying attention to and it is costing them a lot. What do I mean? I know right now, there are individuals who have already written down goals to crush for the year but this is the MISTAKE they are making which will hurt them and hinder the results from coming. You write down many goals and in the long run you can't even see any tangible progress because you are trying to do many things at the same time. For instance, you want to become financially stable this year and you are learning more than 5 skills which are not even related. You are doing more than 3 businesses that are unrelated. How do you expect to become financially stable? FOCUS is a strong component of financial Freedom. Pick one thing skill and focus on it. Become a master on that skill. Go for related skills and learn them. Let's say you pick website design, copy writing, sales page design and content marketing ..... Those are related skills that when you MASTER them, income streams can be created out of each but the goal is first focusing. As a business owner, entrepreneur or start-up, pick a product or service and focus on it. Distractions are only invited to the life of a man who is yet to maintain consistent FOCUS. 2. EXECUTION This is the most important of all strategies. If you don't master the art of execution then you will repeat the same circle of stagnation of 2020 in 2021. Ideas, plans, visions and goals are great but they will remain that way until execution is mastered and applied. It is time to begin your year with execution. You have planned enough, go and take action. I always recommend when it comes to execution that you get an accountability coach because you need one if execution is a big challenge for you. And don't make it a one time investment, make it a monthly investment to be held accountable for your goals monthly. It will help you execute faster and focus on what is relevant. In summary, Master the art of FOCUS and EXECUTION. GOOD NEWS ! UPWORK & COPYWRITING RELOADED !! Start your 2021 by joining the league of those learning in naira and earninh in both naira and dollars . We have graduated over 200 students in all our training editions . This singular step of yours will terminate all forms of money pressure off your life and launch you into the realm of financial freedom and financial confidence... What Will You Be Learning ? * Essential copywriting Basis *The Most Effect Way To Make Money With Copywriting * How To write Sales Copies And Products Description That Sell * How To Create Irresistible Offers * How To Create Approved Upwork Account *New Method Of Building Attractive Profile On Upwork * How To Attract Premium Pleasant And Permanent Client On Upwork *How To Withdraw Your Money With Ease On Upwork *How to generate more than 3 streams of income from copywriting alone and make 5-6 figures monthly And Many More . Bonuses : *1 Year Free Mentoring * 10 Free Copywriting & Upwork Ebooks & Videos Worth 10k * Best Swipe File For Copywriters Fee: 2,990 0r 10$ Early Birds : 2k( First 20 persons only ). Moses AIGBEVBOILE, Freelance Copywriter.

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