Amended Constitution Of The Stingy Men Association Of Nigerian By Mr Planner

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He stated; Remember, the stingy shall inherit the earth. The generous shall die with regrets. The stingier, the better: Stingy Men of Nigeria have formed an association to fight for the rights of all ‘stingers’. They, in turn, have to swear by this constitution recently drafted and Amended by Mr Nweke Nnamdi popularly known as Mr Planner, A Digital Marketer, Founder Digital College, U.S based e-learning college & CEO Tronshare Network. This constitution drafted in the year of the Pandemic will for generations to come define the meaning of austerity, and a re-emergence in the new normal. Members of the Stingy Men Association Nigeria (SMAN) shall henceforth be known as the ‘Stingers’ for there is no greater pain than to deny other people the gains of our sweat. What we earned through sweat, others too must gain from us through sweat. We are not in any way related to the Broke Men Association Nigeria (BMAN). BMAN is heralded by the Subaru men and we are not in any way relatives, colleagues or associates. These are the articles that shall define our association. You May Read Also: Doing Business In Nigeria And The Way Forward Article One: Membership 1. A person shall become a Member of SMAN after a rigorous scrutiny of their wallet and their ways of life. Men who pledge at weddings shall not be granted membership to this Association. Men who offer to pick up their dates and drop them shall not be considered for membership. A member must feel no shame whatsoever in rejecting any monetary request presented to him. Members shall arm themselves with excuses such as; ‘let me see what I can do’, ‘I wish you had told me earlier’, ‘I am expecting some ka-money next week’, ‘let me call you back’, ‘I will let you know.’ No commitment whatsoever should be made by a member towards honouring any form of monetary request. Article Two, Section I: Uncoordinated Messaging from the Girl Child I repeat, don’t insist… That’s how members in the past were met with requests for bailouts. We are not the government. Government should play its role. Our role as SMAN members is to live and let live. We shall not interrupt what God is doing in other people’s lives. 2. Immediately you read things such as ‘I miss you’, ‘I love you’, be sure to respond a day later. Continue Reading:

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