When Women Benefits From Patriarchy.


Patriachy system has been painted in a way that shows that it only benefits men and women don't benefit from it. This is false. Patriarchy system has been painted as if it is not a disadvantage for men themselves. This is false. I believe that the Women folks were part of those who systematically built and sustain the patriachy system, and that there is a reason behind it. They contributed immensely to building and sustaining it because they benefited from it. Who is most likely to influence the world view and formation of the Child? The Mother or the Father? For instance, you raise two children, male(Victor) and female(Bridget), and you raised them differently. With different responsibilities and expectations. You raised them to believe one has to shoulder the responsibilities and protect the other. You raised them to believe that Bridget(female) can cry and get sympathy, while for Victor it is weekness to even cry or show emotions. When he cries nobody even looks at him. Nobody cares to see his pain. You show emotions and you are ON YOUR OWN. Be a man. He must suck it up and be a man. The society doesn't care about him. You raised one to believe that he was born to care, cater, defend and provide for the other(female) with everything he has, can muster or borrow. Yet, you turn around to insult patriarchy everytime it only doesn't suit you. What about when patriarchy suits the women. What about when they benefit immersely from the patriarchy system they built. Castigating a structure when it is against you and keeping mute when it benefits you is hypocrisy. If you want to tear it down, fine! It is fine to tear down partriachy. Only tear it down totally. Tear it down with all it's vestige of benefits, advantages and disdvantages you derive from it. Tear it down totally with all the pressure on the man to do this or do that. Tear it down totally with the society pressure that comes with been a man. What am I not saying? I am not advocating that partriachy should be maintained because of the advantages it gives to women. I know some persons will come to say there is no advantage for women in partriachy, You can say what you want, so far it makes you sleep well at night. Written by Opatola Victor

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