VIDEO: NNAMDI KANU RANTS AGAIN INCITING IGBO TO BE ATTACKED IN SE & AREWA LAND In this video, Blessedom shows a video where Nnamdi Kanu talks about his Biafran army aka ESN to be ready to kill, and Nnamdi Kanu also says his god will turn the North into a war-torn place like Yemen Syria and Somalia. People, only a MAD MAN with a WICKED heart will want war in Arewa land or anywhere in Africa! Igbos are lovers of peace, that’s why we live in peace everywhere we go in the world. It is IPOB cult followers and Biafrans who wish war on others! They are devils! What I want is separation from Arewa as they have separated from us with their Sharia. I want Arewa to live happily in peace with their Sharia, in their own Arewa country. I NEVER want war for Arewa. You see, Nnamdi Kanu has started again. In his video he is telling his Biafran IPOB cult followers “to fight in our bushes and forests” then you see his rag tag Biafran ESN group holding sticks and marching. What is happening is that this obviously mad Nnamdi Kanu is turning his Biafrans and IPOB cult followers mad like himself! There is danger ahead for this Biafran ESN. My Igbo people, please do all you can to get your family members to leave this Biafran and IPOB of a thing, while they still have health and life. Another danger that Nnamdi Kanu is throwing out upon Igbo, is that by wishing war to be in Arewa, he wants Igbo people and Igbo businesses in Arewa land to be at risk of attack. No sane and normal person listening to Nnamdi Kanu will be happy or encouraged by his ranting. Igbos and SS people, PLEASE do not keep silent when this mad Nnamdi Kanu is hoping to bring death upon Igbos. RISE UP against him! Nnamdi Kanu and his family are hiding safe in Britain but he keeps on looking for attention and relevance by inciting death of Igbos, and destruction of Igbo property. This Nnamdi Kanu may not even be Igbo, there are reports his family were chased out of their village in South Cameroon and his grandfather came to Ala Igbo. See my naijaworld post called—DOES NNAMDI KANU HAVE SCHIZOPHRENIA? SOME MEDICAL PEOPLE THINK SO—for the link to that article. Here is Nnamdi Kanu in this video. I didn’t want to waste my data looking for the stand alone video but it is seen here on Blessedom show. The Nnamdi Kanu video is repeated about twice in this Blessedom show but the first time is from about 12 mns 30 secs to 14 mns 50 secs. Listening to the full Blessedom show is useful. That woman is a true Igbo lady with courage and intelligence, and she knows right from wrong. She wants good for all the people of Nigeria.

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