Crossdressing In Skits... A Rising Concern


This morning I opened my Instagram after doing my normals, for that's how I start my day,having one or two laughs to start the day with. Going across my timeline Omo I nearly puked. Entertainers dressed in wigs and dresses with painted lips mimicking the opposite gender. It's frustrating to see a grown man with solid biceps ,facial and chest hairs,Trying to be mama something or sister something. Of course everyone has their life to live but if you have to pass a message by being a woman why not employ a lady to interpret the role? Or is it because the female gender touches the softer part of our heart Abi na Wetin. To me the thing looks "gayish" and it's sending the wrong message to our younger generation that if you're not a woman,you can't make it. Or am I getting it wrong? The thing is irritating I swear. My opinion.... and I'm writing it online so that the world remembers I said this. Bob start am E be like joke now nearly every guy wants to dress like a woman to act. Cockroach mentality. Make I find orijin go drink abeg.

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