After A Year And 8 Months Her Boss Is Doing This


How to I best approach this situation? My neice who was supposed to study nursing insisted on getting hands on experience first before going to she. So she registered in one of the clinics in Lagos (name withheld). After serving for a year and 8 Months her boss has asked her to stop coming insisting he will not give her certificate. While she was there, she never had any issues with the boss, they were in such good terms that the man and his wife insisted on sponsoring her through nursing school, gave her a self-contained to stay. Things started raising ugly head when late last year she was punished for coming late and her off was cancelled. For the past 4 months she's been working straight without off. The last straw that broke the camel's back happened few days ago. According to her, she said the boss was angry because she didn't take the bag from his wife. I've tried to find out from her if she offended the wife, or responded angrily to him, or if she did anything wrong, she has denied any wrong doing. Her parents have called to beg but the boss kept saying there's no amount of begging or words they'd say that would make him change his mind. The girl has been depressed since the incident. My next line if action is to call the man. But first I'd like to find out if I should involve a lawyer.

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