How To Start A Profitable Soya Bean Farming Business In Nigeria

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Nigeria is one of the leading producers of Soya Beans in Africa with an annual production output of about 800,000 metric tonnes that’s not enough to meet local demand of about 2.5million metric tonnes per annum. Profitable Soya Beans Farming Business In Nigeria Soya beans is consumed in Nigeria by cooking and eating it, processed into Soybean oil, used as raw materials for the production of infant food by manufacturers, processed into soy beans milk, Soya beans cake for livestock feeds production, Soy beans yoghurt, food seasoning and also used as raw materials in paint and cosmetic production. The major Soya Beans producing states in Nigeria are Benue,Adamawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kwara, Taraba but to be frank the crop can be grown in virtually every part of the country. Soya Beans cultivation in Nigeria usually begins in the month of May or June every year. Soya beans grow well on all types of soil, except deep soils with poor water retention. So, Agric expert recommended that the optimal ground PH for soya bean cultivation is 6.5, and it might be calcified. To Start a profitable Soya Beans Farming Business In Nigeria below is the steps by step guide to follow. >>

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