One Of The Most Lucrative Businesses Most People Do Not Know About


Imagine earning N300K with a very simple business that you can do from home and with only Smartphone. This business model I am talking about is information Marketing. Information marketing is simply Packaging your knowledge, skill, and experience in the form of an e-book, video, and audio and selling it online. Take for instance you create an e-book and sell it at the rate of N1,000. If you are able to sell 10 copies of this book every day that is you are earning N10,000 every day. In a month you will earn N300,000. How many Nigerians are earning up to N300,000 in a month? Yet this is an e-book you created with just your Smartphone and selling it at N1,000. What if you are selling it at the rate of N3,500 and be able to sell up to 10 copies per day? This means you will be earning N1.05 M in a month. This business is very lucrative yet only a Few Nigerians Know about it. In this era information is Gold.

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