My Demon Sister


Tags: Demons, Action, Adventure, Cultivation Introduction The plague began long ago, even the human memory had began to fade off from the exact date, all that was known is, it happened almost four hundred years ago. A plague no one knew how it originate or who brought it in. The first sighting was in a remote village of the country, which wiped out the entire community in just three days. Years of study by ancient scholars showed it was some sort of extraordinary powers gone wrong with the human body system. Those infected by this plague, displayed various abilities, from shape-shifting, to super speed, extra ordinary strength, heightened sense of smell and even some psychic abilities, but one thing made them dangerous. They depended on human blood to survive, each night was a hunting spree, going after humans in their homes and sucking those on the streets dry. One thing was also certain, the plague could transmitted from host to prey, and by the day the number grew larger. There is probably someone behind this, an alpha demon, although it's all based on assumptions. This threat brought to the rise of hunters, an organization formed by an unknown individual, but has built this chain so strong, people depended on them to survive the night. Demon Hunters, those who after vigorous training, unlocks their inner power house, a power house that feeds on their energy in return for super human abilities. Demon hunters were placed on three ranks. Beginners, Red Velvet and finally those who work very close to the organization, remoured to have strengths of a thousand humans, the Platoons. Chapter One Maze heard the horrible loud scream at the top of the mountain where his family home was located, the hairs on his body all stood erect, a signal that something was wrong, a rare ability he had grown up with, and has always used to sense incoming or lurking dangers. He raised his head up and saw swift figures moving by the edge of the mountain and quickly began to run up as fast as his fragile legs could carry him. The more he advanced, the more he could hear clanging of swords and and grunting from two different individuals. "Two people and one doesn't seems human, I can't hear the heartbeat of my siblings" Maze thought within himself as he steadily advanced. Reaching the top, his eyes was welcomed by blood that filled the ground, to his left were two total strangers fighting tirelessly against each others. Tears slowly filled his eyes and swiftly, he dashed towards the wooden house before him. "June, Hannah, Jemima" he called out as he walked through the entrance, tracing the faint heart beat he could hear. "I tried protecting them" a faint voice said from the dark corner of the room. "Jem!" Maze said faintly and knelt down before the girl hovering over two other smaller bodies. "The demon came in and... " The girl said weakly and out of breathe Maze brewing with anger, gathered himself up and walked outside. The younger looking man dressed in black leather shirt and blue trouser, suddenly disappeared into thin air, appeared behind the other, who had blades piercing our from the elbows and running down to the length of his knees. With one swift slash, the man slashed the demon into two halves and suddenly it went up in dust. "I should have gotten here earlier" the man said calmly, his head bowed down in disappointment. "Was that a day demon?" Maze asked "I'm sorry for your lose" Maze went on his knees with loosed hope and spoke. "I began taking care of my sisters since I was nine, lost our parents to demons, and now my three sisters, six years I've looked after them" Maze said admist tears. The demon hunter suddenly raised up his head, revealing scarred face. "There is a demon approaching" A girl walked out from the log house and with super speed dashed at the hunter, suddenly appearing before him, landed a heavy punch on his face which sent him flying. Maze raised his head and beheld his sister Jemima in a different form, her heart beat moving faster than it should, rush of adrenaline flowing through her blood vessels. The hunter grunted as he struggled to get up, giving no breathing space, Jemima dashed at him, and launched a kick at him, skillfully the hunter rolled over to the left, grabbed Jemima by the leg and smashed her against a tree. He retrieved his sword and began approaching the already weak Jemima in bid to end her life, since she was already a demon. "Like I would let you!! " Maze screamed and dived at the hunter, grabbed him by the waist and managed to pull a backward slam on him. "Arrgghhh" the hunter groaned in pain. Maze ran up to his demon sister and stood inches away, a mixed feelings of fear and deep brotherly emotion, while Jemima took an attack pose grunting, her wide eyes now had a stained blue color on the balls. Jemima suddenly charged forward and launched herself over Maze, and gave a sound kick on the neck of the demon hunter who was charging. "What is this, she is protecting her brother" the hunter thought as he bounced off, and rolled vigorously on the floor. Jemima grabbed Maze by the arm and pulled him behind her, like she was protecting him. "Isn't she supposed to be blood hungry" The hunter thought and got himself up. "Chain smoke! " he shouted and suddenly everywhere was covered in thick fumes. 鈦� 鈦� Maze slowly opened his eyes and titled his head to the left, a strange man seated by the fire place, a sword laid down beside him. The man stood up and turned around with a steaming bowl on his hands. "It's a good thing you are awake, I was beginning to think you won't" the man said and walked closer to Maze. Maze gathered himself up, feeling a little dizzy. "Jem" he called out and tried getting up to his feet. "Your demon sister is in good health" "Don't call her a demon" Maze replied coldly "Where is she? " "She's hibernating" "Huhhnnn" "Your sister seems to be another breed of demon yet to be encountered, having the ability to resist blood and in compensation for that, she has to sleep as long as possible to gather enough strength" the man said and continued "Here, drink this, it should help you heal faster from that Chain smoke" "Yeah, that demon hunter" "He brought you and your sister here, asking me to take you both under my wings and prepare you to become a demon hunter" Maze kept mute for a while and spoke "I dont want to become a demon hunter, I want an ordinary life with my sister and if possible turn her back to her human form" "That my boy is the journey ahead of you, and from your sleep you kept calling Kareem, who is he? " "My father, his name is the only memory I have left of him, he never stays home, on various trips I don't understnd anything about him. Just one day he stopped coming home" Maze said and looked down. "Drink up, your sister should be awake, in the inner room, I'll get some woods to keep us warm tonight" the man said and walked out of the room. The man grabbed the axe laying outside by the door entrance and walked over to the cabin away from the main building. "Kareem's son, I have so many sins that can't be forgiven" he said and closed his eyes tightly as memories flooded in. "Hmm.... I have to make up for my sins" he said and placed a log of wood before him and split it into two with the axe. Maze opened the door that leads to the inner room and saw his sister laying on the floor with her eyes wide open. "I promise to get you back to normal you just have to hang in there and be strong" he paused and continued "Seems I might be taking the offer of becoming a demon hunter if I ever want a shot at bringing you back to normal and also maybe I can find the demon that took our parents from us and make it pay dearly for it" He said and smiled then continued "Raise a finger if you can hear me" Jemima slowly raised her right hand which brightened up Maze. He stood up and walked closer to the door. "Have enough rest, we will be staying here for long and the man said you're a day demon, enough strength will help build your body to adapt to the sun's temperature " Maze said and walked out and closed the door behind him.

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