Re: Sunday Akuma; In Defence Of Logic And Rational Reasoning


I have read with sadness how the media and Nigerians have defended the unpardonable comments of Mr Solomon Akuma- a pharmacist intern with NAFDAC, who has been held captive for over 300 days by the Nigerian Secret Police. Thereby allowing emotions to supercede rational reasoning. Before we go further, let's revisit the offence that landed Mr Akuma in DSS custody; Firstly, on 20th Jan. 2020, Mr Akuma requested President Donald Trump to Hiroshima and Nagasaki Northern Nigeria. Secondly, on the 6th of Aug. 2020, Mr Akuma summoned God Almighty to visit Buhari i.e God should abruptly terminate the life of Mr. President. He did not stop there, he took this to the next level. On the 10th of March, 2020 in response to the tweet of Mr. Tunde Omotoye which reads " one million dollars should hit your account , your next move"? Mr Akuma reply that he will higher a Russian Sniper to assassinate Mr President. The implications of Mr Akuma's statements 1)Mr Akuma feels people in Northern Nigeria don't deserve the free gift of life and as such need to be sent back to their Maker. Mr Akuma feels the lives of 100 million Nigerians is God's greatest mistake and as such should quickly corrected by P. D. Trump.This could also be translated to mean if Mr Akuma has the means or opportunity, he will systematically liquidate people of Northern Nigeria. Mind you, this young man works with the Apex national agency charge with validating the safety of foods and drugs to be consumed by Nigerians. Only God knows how many contraband and expired drugs Mr Akuma has validated for the consumption of Northerners 2) Mr Akuma on daily basis prays to God to kill Mr President instead of praying to God to guide Mr President to lead us well (this is something he is solely entitled to, so, we shouldn't bother much about what he chooses to request from God). But the last one below, shows he is a threat to the life of the President. 3) Mr Akuma has shown that if giving the opportunity, he will assassinate Mr President. In other words, as soon as he has the financial resources, he will see to the assassination of Mr President. If you see nothing wrong in Akuma declaring that he will assassinate Mr President if he has the means, then the question is why do nation's spend alot of resources to protect their Commander in Chief and their families? Why do countries across the world treat those plotting coup against a government as though they have carried out the coup? Why do nations treat foiled attempt on the life of the number one citizen as a serious crimes? These and many more are the kind of rhetorics that should guide our reasoning and not emotions and prejudice that emanate either from our attachment to some premodial forces or our prevailing economic situation. This was how Kaduna Nziogu and other ilk of his extraction started the dastard act that later culminated in a 30 months civil war. Ladies and gentle men, no matter your hatred or disgust for a particular group of people, or your president, you can't alter those words in public platform and expect to go free. You are a threat to national security just like every other terrorist out there and as such must be treated like one. The only difference between you and them is that they have the means to bring their evil plans to fruition but you don't. However, as soon as you have the means, you will turn one. Mr Akuma has shown that he is not only a threat to the life of the President but to that of about 100 million Nigerians and must be curtailed as early as possible or nipped in the bud before he has the means to make do with his threats. He can't be allowed to leave free to acquire wealth, else, he turns sponsor of another vicious group that will that would turn Nigeria into hell fire on earth. If you still don't feel Mr Akuma did something wrong, just know that you are one of those who have allowed hatred becloud faculty of reasoning and as such need to work on yourself.

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