Things Men Need To Know Before They Go Into Marriage


(1) The first thing you need to know is that if you don't carry presence of God you can not survive in marriage (2) Don't say to any girl "will you marry me" if you don't have a work, don't go and bring a woman into your life if you don't have work,I didn't say you must be financially buoyant but you must have something doing because there are some women that carry Grace whereby once they come into your life they will be an open door to your destiny while some are destiny vandals, the purpose of a woman to your life is to be your helper, don't say that you have faith that it will be alright one day and put someone's daughter in dilemma. NB: Marriage get easier when the man fulfils his purpose, God created Adam to improve the garden therefore you as a man must learn how to improve a woman no matter how stupid she is because nobody is perfect and the devil you know is better than the Angel you don't know, the question is: if you meet a girl who has no future can you improve her ? Some men will even come into your life and destroy your potential (3) God created Adam to protect the garden and the garden is your woman but can you protect your woman? Some of you that are into sinful relationship has started beating their girlfriends, tell me how your family will be when you get married to that kind of woman, some will say that they will love their wife and they will never beat their wife but you have to note that no matter how she pretends one day the holy ghost in her will disappear and you will see the Womanighost in her...✍️✍️✍️ (4) Are you the man that can educate your wife and children? what makes a man great in life is what he left behind(Archivement) and the knowledge he passed to his descendants... THINGS WOMEN NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU SAY YES TO A MAN (1) What purpose do you have in life?, what have you achieved as woman and can you future in life of that man?, many of woman in our society today thinks that marriage is an occupation and their purpose in life is to get married and give birth to children... Not when a man is talking business you will be saying nonsense, it's not when your husband meets you for advice and suggestion on what he is passing through then some woman you will reply daddy or darling sorryooo, instead of u to think and bring out an idea as a helper to him,,, my question is will darling or daddy sorryooo help d man business to be moving well?? (2) Do you have handwork as a lady and can you invest in your family ? See let me tell you, Every woman that joined stingy women association (SWAN) is a liable prostitute becos if man doesn't give you money then you won't open leg for him,that means your Vagina is your shop, Let me tell you that the 2k you made is more honorable than 20k that someone gives to you, you call your self big girl when you have money in your account that you worked for not by the number of followers you have and by slaying, YOU MUST HAVE A SKILL AS A WOMAN (3) Seek the face of God before saying yes to a man is not a problem but how will improve it when the time comes becos Marriage is not by he that willeth but of God that showeth mercy and remember that "Mbido na aso uso In d beginning it taste sweet", Mana onweghi onye mara uche chukwu,, But nobody knows the mind of God. *MARRIAGE IS A LIFETIME JOURNEY AND NOT AS EASY AS YOU THINK*

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