No Christ, No Glory.


Christ in you, the hope of glory. The term glory simply means high renown or honour won by notable achievements. The scripture from the book of Colossians says Christ in you is the hope of glory. Glory differ from glory. There is glory as given by the world and there is glory from above. The bible says glory differ from glory. There is glory of the sun and that of the moon. The big question is which glory are you seeking after. Is it the glory from above or that from the world and people in general. Because people are seeking the praise of men, they are doing anything to attain it. People kill, steal, cheat and destroy for wealth, fame, position and power. Yes, men may commend you but what is God saying. Do not be deceived, you cannot mock God. He sees all you did to get to where you are. You lied, slander the innocent and did all fetish things. You have gotten it and you think you are smart. You might have fooled all the people but you can never fool God. Repent,my brother, repent my sister. All the cars, houses and farm end here in the world. It is your good works and salvation that will follow you to eternity. Do you have Christ in you. He is the hope of glory. There is no glory, no true glory outside Jesus. All the money, the cars, the position are nothing if you don't have Jesus. All the yahooyahoo, cheating, robbery, kidnapping and banditry end in this world. You may have wealth and fame with men, but you are nothing to God. If you are hustling, hardworking and diligent and things don't seem to be working but you have Jesus, do not worry. Glory is on the way. Do not leave the path you have chosen. Persist and God will come through for you . Do not envy anybody! Very few people can tell you the truth about the source of their wealth. They have already condemned themselves. What is the essence of the wealth you have no peace or joy over? The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and add no sorrow. Do you have Jesus in you? Remember, no Christ, no true glory.

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