Where Is Your Strength

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WHERE IS YOUR STRENGTH What more have you to offer other than the following wicked vices: GOSSIP : Many are so much in the business of gossips, all they enjoy doing is gossiping people like its their personal business, if your strength lies in gossiping, then you have to desist from such acts and learn to mind your business. GRUDGE : This act isn't sexy at all, so many people enjoy this vice alot without knowing they are destroying themselves over a period of time, grudge brings nothing good but backbiting and self pity, trust me, you will gain more when you learn to live freely. SLANDERING : They are out to insult you, ignore you, backslash you, say all sorts of negative things to you just because they want to pull you down, if you fall in this category of persons, please for the sake of an unknown tomorrow, stop already. Try and see the good in other people, try to promote good things and learn to appreciate people, situations and timing. When you wish well for others, good things would come your way too, that's the simplest law of nature and when you wish bad to others the same measure happens to too. MURDER : Where lies your strength, is it in the taking of lives you can't create? Is it in tarnishing souls for all the reasons in the world? No matter how contended you are in shedding blood, one day your own blood would be required and you won't escape the pain. FIGTHS : So many people enjoy causing wars, pandemonium and strife, all they enjoy doing is to be in the hearts of people for pains, they are known for nothing else but fears and anger, don't be used for such a bait, desist from all forms of wars with people. HIDERANCE: If all you came to do in this world is to hinder the progress of others then you are just as condemned as the devil, let's stop the bits of hindering, stopping or being in the way of anyone's progress in life, if you can't help them, ar least don't stop them. CHARMS: Its recorded that many still indulge in this fetish acts, their strength lies in sabotaging and hurting others with voodoo, they pretend to be what they are not, yet the bond with the will of the devil to thwart the good will of others. Please, let's look through these vices and get to work with our lives. Vivsravine speaks © Or messenge me on Facebook on oparah ahunna vivian or jion my Facebook page on Vivsravine page for more on my write ups on life and relationships.

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