Futility Of Using Social Media

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Being 13 you lack the wisdom and the experience of your parents. The only thing you will find on social media is stress, anxiety, and jealousy. You will see your friends, a bunch of wannabe celebrities and beautiful people post pictures and posts of them having the time of their lives. You’ll see models taking amazing photos in perfectly blue water, hanging out with their perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, and socializing with their perfect friends. Everything will be perfect and you will think to yourself “Why am I not perfect?”. You might think that you can avoid thinking like that, that you can avoid comparing yourself, but you can’t. You will without a doubt do it. You will feel miserable about yourself and especially at 13 you will feel anxiety and pressure to be like them. And the worst part is when you realize this you can’t stop. You’ll be hooked, you’ll try to get more followers, more likes to validate yourself, and based on those likes and followers you’ll have permission on how to feel about you. But it will never be enough. Someone will always be better, have more, and achieved more than you. I know at 13 that you already compare yourself to your classmates, your friends, and others in your nearest circle. That is fine, that is normal, and this is enough pressure for a 13-year-old. If you add these Instagram models to it the stress can be too much for you. Trust me, you are neither the first nor the last to fall for it. The thing about social media is that it’s fake. It’s not real life. People post the nice dinner they had with their boyfriend/girlfriend. They don’t post when they argued and nearly broke up. They post vacation pictures and good news. They don’t post about their boring job and mundane daily existence. Because that is real life, and real-life isn’t always fun. And let me tell you that it’s ok. It’s ok to be boring, it’s ok to not be the most popular, it’s ok to be insecure. We all are, but no one wants to show it. Trust me when I tell you that you will not find anything good on social media. - Amar Dzafic, Quora Profits from games of knowledge:

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