I Need Urgent Advice On My Planned Trip To Japan


Hello naijaworlders, I need your advice badly to make an important decision. Please your input will be highly appreciated. I applied for a visa to travel to Japan in 2019 but it wasn't successful, so I forgot about it and focused on other stuff I was doing before that. At the moment I have very good prospects and I'm very hopeful that my business would hit pay dirt very soon. I'm quite confident about that. Now, sometime last year, a senior friend and brother who I respect asked me to send him my passport to be used in processing a Japanese visa for me. Incidentally, he was also involved in the first travel arrangements that failed. Although I wasn't too keen on the idea by this time because I had my sights set on the project I was working on, but I didn't want to seem ungrateful to someone who was going out of his way to help; so I sent my passport thinking it wasn't going to click like the others. But it worked out this time, I just received word today that the visa is out, in fact, I've received the soft copy via email. Sadly, the visa was issued in the "AS TEMPORARY VISITOR" category which means that I cannot stay beyond 90 days, or work during the period. It is purely a tourist/business visa. When I expressed my reservations about this to my benefactor, he simply said that I should use the visa to get to Japan first, and find my way from there. I'm not an immigration expert but I know enough to understand that I'll have to live like a fugitive if I violate the conditions of my visa, not to mention the risk of incarceration and deportation. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a pessimist or a coward, I guess I'm just trying to put my best feet forward, and minimise risks. This has left me with mixed feelings and utter confusion. I need good advise please. So my questions to the "been to's" in the house are: 1. What are my chances of staying beyond my visitors visa and having it regularised into a work visa? 2. What are the risks of overstaying my visa? 3. Do I have great opportunities and prospects in Japan? 4. What skill set do I need to be employable in Japan? Please kindly treat as urgent and important. Thanks for your time and attention.

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