The Freelancing Proposal That Puts Clients To Sleep.


I’ll be honest, a lot of the Proposals/Cover Letters that freelancers will submit to clients on Upwork today will be pretty underwhelming! Many mistakes will be made – one of the chief among them being what I call the “me, myself & I” Proposal… That’s where the freelancer uses their precious Cover Letter space to tell the client all about themselves… Without ever addressing the client’s specific needs, concerns, goals, etc! Now I’m not judging because it’s not really anyone’s fault as this is how they teach you to write Cover Letters in school. But when you’re writing an Upwork Proposal/Cover Letter, using the “me myself & I” approach is a missed opportunity! To understand why, consider this old salesperson’s saying… “Everyone you’re selling to is tuned into the same radio station… It’s called WIIFM, and it stands for What’s In It For Me?” It may seem self-centered but it’s only natural. Think about something as simple as getting a haircut… Yes you want to know that the person cutting your hair is reputable and capable, but you better believe you’re going to want to hear them talk about your hair and how they can help you make you look great! So there’s a balance there of giving clients useful information about you, and talking about their needs. But honestly I think most freelancers tip the scale too far in the direction of talking about themselves. Especially since clients can easily click through to your Profile if they’re curious about your general background info. To learn more about how to write great Proposals/Cover Letters, check out my course, Upwork & Copywriting Masterclass. I’ll teach you effective techniques for writing great Proposals quickly, in any work category – and much, much more.

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