A Stranded Hustler


Hello everyone,please pardon my grammatical errors. I am a sola,male,age 30,a graduate who finished NYSC 2017. Before going for service I realised there was no job waiting for me after service so I saved a lot during my service year,after service I started a business but it didn't see the light of the day due to insufficient fund,so in 2018 a friend introduced me to street hustle(yahoo yahoo). I started yahoo because there was no other means and no where to go,I made some cash but one day I went to bank for a transaction and I saw an old man probably in his late 70's crying profusely and lamenting how some people wiped off money in his account,I felt bad n something in me told me straight up that this is the same thing we(yahoo boys) do to the whites so I promised myself not to do it again. I started job hunting again but no job,the little I made from yahoo was gone so after a long search I settled for factory work at a pure water company but it wasn't easy still I endured,so by early 2020 I was able to gather some change and also get some funds from my mom and it was around 500k,so I plan of traveling out to any country. I paid to an agent and everything was going on smooth and fine till corona virus came in and distorted everything. Now I am more than stranded,infact frustration is an understatement. people who don't know the story think I am not doing anything and the most exasperating part of it is that my ex,my girlfriend and my bestiee keeps telling me to go back to Yahoo but my spirit,body and soul keeps rejecting it cos anytime I hear Yahoo,d video of the old man crying keeps playing in my head. It's not that I am here to beg for money or something but I need a job,I just need a job even if it's managing of shop,any job that can make me stand on my feet please.

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