After Scamming Me For Months, G Boy Falls In Love And Makes Mad Confessions


(This is a true story of how I got scammed. Developed phobia for Facebook and was madly hurt by this Yahoo guy... From beautiful girl to messed up soul) Sometimes the things you want come in form of monsters! The Story Begins: Where do I start from? From how my palms immediately became sweaty or my shivering voice or the sudden thought of loosing mum and joy? At 24, even though I had never been pregnant or had a child, I felt like a mother to Joy. I pictured myself giving her all the love her "dead mother" couldn't give her. Before dive too deep, Joy is supposedly the fake daughter of my "Scammer". The one who has now fallen terribly in love with him. He doesn't know how much I hate him yet, I would probably demand for his eyes on a plate someday but yikes! I know it, my heart is too loyal, too sincere and caring to HURT. Guess it's time to meet my scammer right? Yeah, let's do that. For the purpose of this write up, we shall call him fool..... okay, let me be nice, he will be D! Of cos, D for Devil! Haha, kind enough yeah? Okay, so D chatted me up in August 2020. I checked his profile picture, good looks but location was Carolina, United States. That was a total turn off! I mean, I was done with distance relationship, I didn't want the lies anymore. I didn't want games anymore! Being in the United States spelt nothing but trouble, infact so many abstract ideas filled my head , forming a big monster that looked exactly like him. I got messages from D repeatedly, at one point I simply replied with a Stern "What". Okay, so, I am single, working class and wanted a good relationship, starting with friendship. It was during this time that K showed up in August as well. K is 25, goal getter, smart, creative, hardworking... He came to me saying he wanted us to work on a project together. We worked, went on a couple of outings. I shared some of my short terms goals with him, he fitted in and yeah, I started imagining a big business empire with him but whoops! He suddenly dropped the bump: He actually has a girlfriend. That Confession only came after we had already shared a kiss. Dude obviously knew there was no way he was going to get the cookie and wanted to "japa" Hey, K, Bye, I hope u have had a good bang now and stop lying to girls just to get down with them? Back to D! (Before that, you can think of me as someone who who constantly forgets that the world is a bad place) After this Confession from K, I decided to finally listen to D in September. (Wasn't he isn't bad after all) well, that decision was the beginning of purnishment. Oh pls! Purnishment for what exactly? For Being real, crazy, sincere or most likely being innocent, some call it mumu but please I will be lenient on myself and go with another descriptive term; "not street sharp" Yeah, D and I exchanged contact and we had this great conversation from the first phone call. I am sapiosexual. He said he is a marine engineer and currently on the sea but will be out in December. He asked me if was in a relationship, I told him no and he Confessed he has a baby and he is widowed, then continues with the following words: "Ngozi, I saw your writings, your skits. You are so smart and intelligent. Can we be friends? I will love to meet you when I come home by December. Can I talk to your parents but please don't tell them we met on Facebook, tell them we have been friends for a year and that we met when I was in Nigeria. I want you to trust me, Ngozi" Oops, what's this? I said to myself. "Well, no harm in trying" I concluded. He injured some more: (Yeah, I replaced spoke with injured" "I will tell my mum and baby (Joy) they will talk to you in some days time" "I can bring you here with me in a few months. You, mum and Joy" "That's not on my mind! " I almost screamed, couldn't hide my irritation. "That's not my goal. If you are here to hurt me, please go" I pleaded. That was only 0% of the pleas I was still going to make later. Oh yeah, I pleaded for the lies to stop, for the credit alerts to stop coming in. I lost weight from depression and fear, all the madness he would later play but admistd all the pleads and pictures of my weight loss, dark circles, long necks, all I continued hearing was "Ngozi, I will prove to you that not everyone is evil. I love you very much. I love you so much" Okay, back to the first call, I spoke; "Okay, fine, I will talk to your mum and joy later, Can I see you in a video" I asked. Yes, give me some minutes" After some minutes, D truly called and (we spoke) . I swear, he was on sea. I saw the water. I saw the ship. Even the American flag and his white friend even waved. I swear, I swear, I saw it, believe me! Now, you can imagine how shocked I was when this devil confessed months later that he only played a tape! Okay…. Fast Forward: His "mum" finally called me; Fake mum of course. "Hello, Ada, My Daughter. How are you". She spoke and yeah, I was hooked but I only got vulnerable when Joy spoke next. "Mummy, you left me since all this days! " Joy said. Even though her English was perfect, she sounded like a village girl, yeah, the baby voice was there but everything was off about her voice but I just thought maybe because she grew up with a grandma. That was how I played a mum at 24! That was the beginning of my blindness! She was the reason why I started having a soft spot for that devil! If a man has mourned a woman and even has a child he loves than his wife, then he would respect and love women. I thought this was my new beginning, I never saw the darkness that was to come in the next few months... ... And that was how I doubled my hustle, taking several freelancing jobs, just to keep the money coming in for mum and joy and to prove that I would only ever need his true love. As each day passed, different stories came up, one lie, another lie and more and more lies. "Help" I could have screamed so loudly from the roof tops. If mum didn't hear me, maybe my twin sister would have heard me but most importantly, Emmy, my younger brother would surely have heard me! My best sibling! Love him die. "He is scam. He is scam" Emeka would later say in some few weeks to come but I wasn't having any of his jargons and enough of him trying to access my phone already! "Tule!!!!!!! " I would have screamed angrily at him the day he got to know my password and read all my messages with D! "Tule joor" I would have screamed with tears making a mess of my face as I ran after him to get my phone, unfortunately, the slang "Tule" wasn't known last year November. This is just the beginning.... To be continued. #MyPenBleeds!

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