Stop Complaining And Start Creating


You probably must have heard this a thousand times, so you'd want to skip it but.... WAIT!!! :: :: :: Let me tell you a short story! :: :: :: In 2015, I thought heard of how to push my message to the world, teach what I know and create a following. I just learnt a few skills and I was eager to let the world learn from me. At the time, the cliché was having an invite to speak about your area of passion at a renowned conference. Well, nobody called on me! :: :: :: I decided to package my thoughts and push it out! I CREATED A PLATFORM FOR MYSELF!!! The platform was what I needed at the time and getting speaking gigs was one of the ways I thought I could push and build confidence. So, I created the platform for myself, mounted the podium and started preaching my message! :: :: :: BEFORE THE BIG STAGES COME FOR YOU, CONSTRUCT YOUR OWN STAGE WITH WHAT YOU HAVE AND START PREACHING YOUR MESSAGE. SOON ENOUGH, THE BIG STAGES WILL COME CALLING! I hope you get the point now? #RonaldSpeaks #RonaldKenneth #TPCAfrica #TheProductivityCoterie

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