Bring Communism To Nigeria Now.


In the years I have walked upon this earth, I have observed a peculiar truth, one universal truth that seems to tower above all other truths. The poor become poorer and the rich become richer. I have asked myself why this is so. Could it be that it is an immutable, unchanging law of nature. Or is it a false truth, one that is true but most not be so? I concluded that it is a false truth, as there is no mathematical or physical reason for it to be a law. This begs the question, why dont the masses seem to be aware that they could escape their miserable, oppressive conditions. The answer must be some agent is preventing the masses from accessing the real truth. And whose interest will it be in to keep the people blind, the answer is the millionaires, the politicians, the businessmen, the capitalists, the borgeiouse. We, the common people, the proletariat, no longer have to be shackled by the chains of oppression imposed on us by the capitalist. We must no longer exhaust ourselves to enable the capitalist to buy more of their frivolous goods, like their cars and their iphones. We the workers refuse to be ruled by the tge capitalists. We will embrace communism in all its glory. Workers of Nigeria unite!

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