Yes Men Should Be Simps In A Working Society.


Reading some of the redpill threads here made me write in annoyance. Redpill philosophy is something no should praise about, in fact this mindset should be condemned and be rejected by everyone. naijaworld Redpill mindset will destroy your happiness and leave you with nothing but sorrow and regrets. Ever wondered why most developed countries even try to put women ahead? Nature made women to be weak so it's in our power to motivate and encourage them, make them realize they can achieve just anything in this world not minding there natural weakness. As a proud simp and male feminist I hereby proclaim that redpilling is evil, I've seen many people claiming redpill do disgusting/annoying things I can't even do as a simp. Your worth and actions is what defines you as a redpill, not your mouth or level of rudeness. If a woman doesn't match you leave her for good, relationship goes strictly on balance, someone who loves and respects you will appreciate little things you do for good. Power is meant to be used wisely, it's not meant for control. African redpill mindset look what it done to us. It's not just about women, have you ever wondered or maybe thought our politicians might be ruling us with redpill mindset, they feel in charge Buhari a well known redpiller thinks women belongs to kitchen lol, look where he's leading us to and he doesn't even care, that's because no one can challenge or question him. Our kids abused and tortured by their own parents cos they're redpilling for good, actually they think it's love, should I talk about our security system, military, police, SARS getting disbanded cos of there brutality or should I say redpilling. Women are not to be enslaved rather we encourage them and push higher. I did a marketing job one time and I can understand how much value they placed on those doing a great job, this doesn't mean you'll relapse rather you'll try to do more cos they genuinely value and appreciate things you do for them, fall a bit on the job then you'll realize you're a big fool and no cares about your past efforts. Try to quit and they'll come begging you, you'll know you're truly valued at the same time worthless. Love are not for men but apply this style handling women and you see them trying their best for you. Women should be adored cos they're beautiful creatures, give them freedom, love and power so they could use their sense to figure what's best for them and at the back of their minds you own the real power. Women are not sex tool we men made them that at the same time saying they only have sex to offer. Pathetic.

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