Salaries Of U.S ARMY Soldiers


Enlisted soldiers entering the service at the lowest rank,E-1,("private or in army slang parlance "bucle private") receive $1,514 per month for the first four months of services and thereafter $1,638 per month. The following are pay scale for soldiers with less than three year of service at the given rank,beginning with soldiers at rank E-2. E-2 private second class,$1,083 E-3 private first class,$1,931 E-4 speacilist,$2,139 E-5 corporal,$2,333 E-6 sergeant,$2,546 E-7 staff sergeant $2,944 E-8 sergeant first class $4,235 E-9 master sergeant $5,173 W-1 warrant officer1 $3,038 W-2 chief warrant officer 2 $3,461 W-3 chief warrant officer 3 $3,911 W-4 chief warrant officer4 $4,282 W-5 chief warrant officer5 $7,615 0-1 second lieteutenant $3,108 0-2 first lieteutant,$3,580 0-3 captain $4,144 0-4 major $4,713 0-5 lieutenant colonel $5,462 0-6 colonel $6,552 0-7 brigadier general $8,641 0-8 major general $10,399 0-9 lietenant general $14,696 0-10 general $15,800

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