Unnecessary Spending On My Girlfriend Is Making Me Broke.


I have this girl am dating, I love her alot and I use to do everything she want for her to the extend that I pay her school fees. All these expenses are making me broke, because by the time I pay for hair, handout, school fees, hostel rent and I'll also buy her clothes, shoes, bags and other ladies stuffs, all the little money I have will finish and I'll go broke and start thinking about my life. Mind you i have a work am doing and I use to make money, but most of these money made, will be spend on my girl, to the extend that I hardly buy ordinary wears for myself. Of a recent i have made up my mind to staer savings and stop spending or sponsoring a girl fake life. Yesterday I got 60k work and I have completed it and I was paid. From the 60k I save 20k in an investment mutual funds, which I can collect or have access to it until 6months, of which I'll be saving any money that i see from my works. From the remain 40k that remain after i save 20k from the 60k. I paid service charge to my landlord 10j and I also buy foodstuffs to my house worth 10k, so i have extra 20k as pocket money. And mind you my work is a moving work even before the end of today or this week, I'll still see another money. I want to start a saving habit and stop impressing and stop funding a girl fake like (opor opor). Pls is this decision ok. Or what other advice can you give me guys??

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