All The Beautiful Things We Ignore- A Visit To Iloko Dam

source: kitavibez

All the beautiful things we ignore Iloko-Ijesha somewhere in Osun state, Nigeria. While we chase the big picture, we sometimes forget about all the beautiful things right in front of us. I have always said I live in a town where nothing ever happens because technically, everything is the same every day. There are barely parties or restaurants or anything most people would find exciting. (I'm not even a party person) That has been my excuse for not going out in the past one year. I spent most of time working or just sleeping. But this year, I told myself I would be going out more. It's one of my big goals. ( I have started forking up my new year resolutions. It took just seven days to restore back ) When I said I would be going out more, I meant I would be going to big places. Places of interest where a lot of people visit. For me going out meant well going to beautiful places far away from home. Which is why I pushed that goal aside for later when I'm rich enough. You know, when I have enough money to travel to different countries. I have always wanted to go to the dam here in Iloko-Ijesha but I always forget or postponed going there. Plus I didn't think it was such a big deal. I thought it was nothing exciting. So I always found a reason not to go. Yesterday, I eventually dragged myself out of the house and I did it, I went outside. I actually stayed indoors for a whole week straight. I won't call myself an introvert because I like to talk a lot. I'm only lazy when it comes to going out. I'm a lazyvert. But I got dressed and told myself "Kita you are going outside today even if it's going to kill you.

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