Professional Exams You Should Avoid In 2021


1. ICAN After paying so much for registration, training, examination and induction, and going through the stress of passing the exams, you will be told by "accounting elders" to start selling plantain chips, waist beads, bone straight or Brazilian hair and mobile phone accessories right there during your induction. 2. CIS The Chartered institute of stockbrokers is the most useless professional bodies in Nigeria. Don't ever think that you will become a financial analyst on passing the exam. There is a descrimination against holders of this certificate by recruiters in the financial industry. A UK graduate or any applicant who can speak a fake accent will be employed before you. The best you will get is a broker position which is glorified marketing. They will keep asking you to pay for for CPD almost every month. It ranges from 30k to 50k. You are also required to pay building levy every year and 60k annual due whether you have job or not. 3. NIM Nigerian Institute of Management is a useless organisation. The certificates usually end up with the suya man. They keep deceiving youth corpers to raise money for office rent. Their office is in Victoria Island.

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