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Good afternoon naijaworlders. Please advise me on this. Admin please move to front page so that I will get more advice. I met a girl in February last year. We were just friends but her self reserved nature makes me ask her for friendship and she obliged. We started. We loved each other. I even met her mom not quite long to compliment her in her in the child she has. She was just about 2 or 3 years ago secondary school leaver preparing for admission into the university. I had in mind to either enroll to acquire a skill alongside her Studies or make her learn a drug/medicine trade to start the biz since she is going into medical courses. Things were rosy at the beginning. Every one was happy. But I noticed something along the way. She is the type that loves controlling her man or even dictating for him. I advised her against it. She accepted that it is truly her character which she really wants to stop. She promised to stop it since I don't like it. She is the type that talks much of her mom than her dad. In those discussions, she placed her mom above her dad and I warned her against it. She accepted not to act that way. In one of the occasions, she had a problem with her father because of her mom. NB (She has both older male and female siblings). I told her to start greeting the dad since she stopped after that altercation, she swore never to greet him again stating that even if it amounts her loosing "ALL" (I guess me) that she wouldn't mind. I pressed her to but she refused and let her be on that issue. She finds it difficult to say I'm sorry even when she is at fault. She takes time to accept an apology too. She can openly tell me that she won't do something and she will end up not doing it. I have had several clashes with her where she was at fault. Instead of saying I'm sorry, she prefers walking out of the relationship which makes me always pet her and apologize because I loves her. She once requested for a certain sums of money, I asked her what she wanted to do with it, she told me either to say yes that I will give her or no that I won't give her. I told her that even if I wants to give, I must know what purpose the money was for but she told me over her dead body will she tell me what she needed it for, asking if she doesn't have needs as a woman that shouldn't be disclosed to me NB(I do buy her Pads). I tried to make her say it so I can solved it for her because I know the state of things at that time in her home but she refused to tell me. I then let her be. After two days, she called and requested for a certain amount to buy Pad and Felvin. I then transfered to her an amount bigger than what she requested. She is the type that has a very thick and beautiful eyebrows. I love it so much. She once told me that her friends were complaining that her eyebrows are too bushy that she wants to shave them. I refused and sternly warned her not to touch it. She traveled for her elder sister's wedding in August and shaved it there. I became angry when she came back. We later make up after she apologized profusely, promising not to do it again. This December, after I sent her money for hair, she shaved it again. I became angry but the fact that I loves her dearly makes her take advantage of me and do whatever she feels good to do even when I was initially against it. She helps someone to do a clerical job on part time basis which gives her N7,500 every month. There was a time I was owed at my place of work for several months. I became sick that period and went for test that cost me N6000. I paid N3k planning to pay the remaining while coming for the results but I couldn't pick up the results and I didn't go for treatment again because I couldn't raise the remaining N3k. I told her about it although I didn't specifically ask her to lend me. Within that period I was owed at my place of work, she fell sick too and I borrowed from my friend and took her for a test and after that, to a pharmacy for treatment. She became fine. Not quite long, she fail sick again. This time, I asked the mom to take her to hospital where she was treated after a computer test which cost me N30k plus lab test not included. She became perfectly fine. This girl is a stubborn type that any attempt to make her accept her mistakes to apologise would make her wants to opt out of the relationship. I called her for a discussion and she came. When we started, she began to press her phone. She became so engrossed in the phone that I collected it from her so that she can pay attention to what I was saying but she reacted saying "do you think I was listening to what you were saying". I became weak. I didn't speak further. I don't correct her again since she doesn't like it and sees you as persecuting her when you corrects her with advice. She is really self reserved like I said earlier. She is the type that can keep just one relationship. I once had a discussion with her where she threatened me should I misbehave anytime we become couple. I told her that if she kill me, that she was going to stay alone and her response was" I marry and move on" I became angry but she said I can be angry but if I like I should misbehave that he won't tell me what will happen. After two days, she called me claiming it was all jokes. I have very soft heart that I don't treat people bad especially; those I loves. She is a direct opposite of me. Very hard hearted and doesn't get moved when she is determined. She do care very well about me when she is in her right mood. She is a wife you can have and she will be for you alone. I really loves this girl and has a plan to groom her to a wife considering her self reserved nature and age 19. When it comes to love, we plays like kids around each other. We loves like mother and child. We protects like siblings. But I'm very scared if marrying such a girl will augur well with me. I am sorry for the lengthy write-up.

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