Ashluxe Is Not A Luxury


ASHLUXE IS NOT A LUXURY What makes a luxury brand? Is Ashluxe not a luxury? Let's discuss why Ashluxe is not a luxury. Ashluxe came into limelight parading as a luxury brand, maybe it will be later but not now. Being a Luxury is more than just a price tag, what value does the brand offer? People will easily tag you as an overpriced version of what you portray (Luxury). It goes beyond price, What niche is Ashluxe known for? Giorgio Armani is known globally for high end designer clothing lines for men. Louis Vuitton is known for its luxury trunk and leather goods, niche is a unique aspect of a high end brand, Ashluxe came into limelight with a lot of products and one can't pinpoint a particular niche. With niche comes value, Ralph Lauren once said " I don't design clothes, I design dreams" and this has been the value that his products communicate, the stories of dreams, High end brand preach values with stories, it may be that of the CEO or the brand itself. Everyone wants to identify with a story. What makes a brand to be perceived as possessing a symbolic value is the perception of exclusivity, An Ultra- Premium luxury has to play the card of exclusivity. Perceptions of exclusivity can be in terms of unattainable price, limited geographic availability, barriers to possession, or even limited supply, This is not found in Ashluxe. These mechanisms of creating perceived exclusivity not only creates a pseudo sense of demand for the brand in the eyes of the observer but also enables those who patronize the brand a sense of special status.

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