BALANCED LIVING: A System Of Making Your Life Better And Effective


This topic was inspired by a trend that seeks to understand why marriages FAIL. I'm not a counsellor, but just thought it best I pour out my heart on the subject matter, I'm sharing my convictions, not what I read somewhere. Pls keep an open mind. I hope this helps. So let's begin A mans life is generally categorized in seven (7) areas, in this order of importance; 1. Spiritual 2. Relationship 3. Mental transformation 4. Finances 5. Health 6. Career ("calling" 7. Digital space So let's look at them chronologically 1. Spiritual; a wise book once said "it's not good for a man to be alone", any man be a male or female. There families you look at the females hardly get married, nothing works, a person is repeatedly raped, sudden break down in finances, sudden collapse in marriages, the partner dies few years after marriage, the partner promiscuous, people run mad at certain age, a person gets into abusive relationships repeatedly, death of a particular gender in a family, barrenness (not as a result of careless living), repeated cycles of sicknesses among a host of others. When you see these things a spirit is involved, that wants to ensures you always fail or suffer ill fate, hence the importance of religion to help circumvent some of these things. Listen nobody succeeds at a global level without an allegiance to a spirit, be it Adeboye, Bradd Pitt, late Shiek Nyass, a business magnate, celebrity or a captain of industry. The names mentioned are people who have acknowledged the help of a spirit in their success cutting across Christianity, no religion and Islam and you can verify. 2. Relationship: this is a very basic key to succeeding in life, relationship is the highest form of currency available on earth. Bkos even what money cannot buy relationship can buy. That money you need so badly, that job you need so badly, that business you need so badly, had it been you knew who was at the helm of affairs it would have been yours, sadly you do or don't hence your current level. Understand this an average human has the need to feel loved, appreciate and valued. You commonise any of these in a persons life and you shut yourself out of that life. You must understand how to relate with those above you, those at you level and those below you and know what is important to them and do it, this is how relationships are maintained, and there are principles to employ for each level. 3. mental transformation; the quality of your life currently is the quality of your thinking, weda you are rich, poor or middle class, failing in life or succeeding. Sometimes it's not just evil powers behind Woe's, its the lack of sufficient information to overcome the given challenge at hand. To address this you have to get materials on areas you think you are lacking or pursue those whom have the result you seek; learn and execute. 4. Finances: I love this one personally, go to my profile and the read the third topic I posted (understanding your finances), it will save us time. Thank you. 5. Health; your. performance at anything will chiefly depend on your health, this entails what you eat, drink, the environment you expose yourself to, how you exercise, sleep and live. Avoid self medication by all means, sometimes am guilty of this, find out what works for your system and do it, check yourself regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle, stop being a community pussy or dick. 6. Career; everyone have something they are gifted at, and everyone aspire to live for something, for some its cooking, medicine, engineering, architecture, business, musician etc. The key to discovering your gift is to see where your passion and interest lies or your areas of pain (a situation that disgust you), develop it so well that you become competent at it but be sure it will be in demand, you will chase money and it won't go, bkos you have mastered how To call it, with the competent solution you are providing. 7. Digital Space: this has to do with how you manage your social media space to brand yourself or project your business in our socially connected world, you cannot be offline for too long. Understand how To leverage the social media space to your advantage, see what is happening to trump, learn from it, some people got big offers because of a content on their page and some shut doors of opportunities bkos of what they post. That's why those yarning dust here on how Nigerian girls are useless are just plain stupid. I hope this helps someone. Enjoy your week.

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