To Our LADIES Out There This 2021 Wise Up Ladies


TO OUR GIRLS AND LADIES OUT THERE 1. At 14, they are the fine sweet teens. 2. At 16, they wanna roll with older ones. It's fun being the new hottie in the group. 3. At 18, they probably have had 1st sex. They cling to this one guy & talk all about how they won't leave the guy. 4. At 20, they might be at the University. They make new male friends & slowly lose interest in the former guy. 5. At 22, they make friends with girls who wear more expensive clothes & who also date expensive guys. These set of girls use porsh phones, so they get intimidated & need to join the elite school girls league. 6. At 24, they are now porsh! They now roll with rich male friends who they scam & take money from for mere sex. At this point, if a random guy chats her up, she might snub! If you ask her phone number, she makes you feel like a stalker. They prefer guys who actually want to spend a fortune on them. 7. At 26, the trend, porsh & money remains the keywords because she has changed her mindset & increased the standards she wants in a man, money. 8. Between 26 - 27, she is a maid of honour for her friends. If she was lucky enough to be in a relationship, she'll leave if any misunderstanding should come up. She then sees herself as every man's spec, so she believes she'll be rushed like agege bread in Ojuelegba. 9. At 28, all those guys that were telling her how beautiful she is, how they love her even she was in a relationship. She decided to give two of them a chance. They came, explored her and after two weeks, stopped picking her calls. She decided to give many a chance, but same thing happened. She went back to her ex that was disturbing her while she was with the old good guy, but same thing happened. She then decided to have flings with anyone that comes her way. 10. At 29, none of those guys proposed. 11. At 30, night vigils, adoration ground, 5nights of glory, Uyo miracle crusade, Naija miracle crusade & Shiloh. 12. At 35, they start running to churches begging Papas' to pray for them. Papas' will fast, pray and speak in tongues, roll on the ground, visit the mountains for special prayer sessions but no way. 13. At 40, they begin to see their family members as witches, wizards, principalities and powers. 14. At 45, they become the most active church workers with tears dropping from their eyes every morning and night. 15- At 50, they become mentors and public motivational speakers to young girls. They can even write motivational and spiritual books. That is how they'll tell you they decided to abstain from men so they could worship God in spirit and in truth. My dear receive God's power to have sense so you don't cry tomorrow. This is 2021 so wiset up ladies.

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