Legal System In Nigeria – Basic Tips Part 1

source: lawgate

I may have caused an accident! How should I react? Keep calm and don’t react rash! A client of mine was involved in a car accident where the other driver was harmed. So, my client asked me if she should send him an apology card to the hospital and wish him a speedy and happy recovery. To this question she got a firm “NO”. The reason is simple: the get well wishes would contain a concession of being guilty. Why else should one write a get-well card and apologize for what happened, if he or she didn’t do anything wrong? In other words: if I were the lawyer of the insured victim, I would use this get-well card to tear the apologizing person in shreds in front of court. Did this advice get me a step closer to hell? Yes, probably. But I am her lawyer and not her priest. So, remember: No apologies - and no concessions. Not until a possible trial is over and/or your lawyer approves. Want a strong lawyer to protect you? Sign up at and find a bloodhound of a lawyer within seconds!

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