Yoruba Ronú!


YORUBA RONÚ! I just can't believe some Yoruba(s) Leaders, who are major beneficiaries of the Nigeria political system and the fraudulent document of 1999 telling the world that Yoruba(s) are beating "Drum Of War". But these same people never saw the cold killings, kidnappings, farmlands destruction, etc of other fellow Yoruba(s) has "Drum Of War". abide by? Why are these killers and enemies of Yoruba(s) not beating "Drums Of War"? Why is it that when Yoruba(s) said enough of these shits from the Northerners, the same Yoruba Leaders that are supposed to caution the Northerners is now saying the same Yoruba(s) that should be their 1st priority in Nigeria's political realm is beating "Drum Of War"? Àbí is the demand for a Yoruba Republic that will be governed by Yoruba(s) with the rules and regulations made by Yoruba(s) a "Drum Of War"? Even the educated ones are not just deceiving themselves, but many who follow and love them. Mr most educated, please mention 1 Country in Europe, Asia, America, that has different major languages and makes a peaceful Nation? Catalunya(Barcelona) is even demanding to leave Spain diplomatically. Why can't Yorubas do the same? Why must you con people to be in a Country that doesn't have a common indigenous language for all to speak like we see in European and some African Countries except English? A Country that puts a tribe and region above others when others are the main source of the economy is not a Country to be in. We demanding for a Yoruba Republic is not beating "Drum Of War". But if they bring more War than they are doing now, we will fight and bled for our land. #BitterTruth #NorthernOligarchs #TheyAreComing #TheyHaveArrived #BeVigilant #TodaysSurvivorAreTommorowsVictim #TreacheryInTheLand #IStandWithSundayIgboho #ColdWarInNigeria #OduduwaNationNow #IlanaOmoOodua #YorubaNationNow #YorubExitNow

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