UBA Is Trying To Defraud Me.Help!


Last weekend,I set out with my ATM to buy foodstuff to take along with me to school ahead of my UNN's resumption on the 18th. I headed for the POS shop to make my withdrawal of 3,200 naira.I got there and I handed my card to the POS operator to run the transaction. She slotted in the card and I keyed in my password,waiting for the transaction to be successful only for her to tell me the transaction failed and meanwhile,I had already gotten a debit alert. I was really angry and frustrated so I waited for some time to see if it will reverse.No show. I copied their mail address from my ATM card and sent them a mail .They customer care agent replied saying I should wait 24 hours. I waited from that Saturday till Tuesday.No show. I was boiling within me and this really affected my countenance as it was making me transfer aggression to people around me. I went to the bank to demand a reversal of my 3200 naira and I was told to wait 14 days. I lost it o. I started shouting and causing a ruckus right there in the bank.How can I wait for 14 days for money so important? The security man of the bank had to bundle me out. I was later advised by someone to mail the CBN,that it'll speed up the process. I did but I was getting automated responses and honestly I don't have so much hope in them. So I would like to know if there are other ways I could take to speed up the process of a refund.It's really urgent.

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