My Giving In Church Vs My Giving To Others: What Is The Cause??


I have over time realised that I find it difficult to give larger amount of money in church. Most times I struggle to give #50 or even #20 as offerings in church. But I have always find it easy to give large sums to persons in need in and outside the church. Quite recently, a brother accosted me in church with some challenges about his wife's childbirth in the hospital, I went with him and paid off 45k to discharge them. Aside him, I have given up to 100k(if not more) to persons in need this month alone. But I struggle so hard to give larger sums in church. Even today, I gave #40 as offering in church when I actually have larger denominations in my wallet. Funny enough, on my way out of the church today, I met my school mate and we went to my house together, although he didn't state categorically that he's in need, but he told me how he has been out of job for 3 months now. After the visit, I gave him 10k from the same wallet I gave #40 as offering in church today. My question is, what could possibly be wrong with my giving in church? Is it trust issues or I consider it better to give to persons instead of the church?? Is anything wrong with my style of giving?? I need answers please!!

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