The Power Of The Social Media: 18 January 2021 Resumption Date Is Sacrosanct


THE POWER OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA: AT LAST 18 JANUARY 2021 RESUMPTION DATE IS SACROSANCT Irked by the statement of the minister of education that 18 January 2021 date of resumption of school was not sacrosanct and would be reviewed, I wrote an article titled "Mallam Adamu Adamu Open our Schools," this article along with other articles written by parents, students and concerned individuals were shared among various social media platforms and gained great momentum. The body language of the government was to postpone resumption date of schools indefinitely under the guise of a spike in Covid - 19 cases while other sectors be allowed to run almost smoothly; the statement by Mallam Adamu Adamu was just to test the waters. Had we kept quite, by now we would not even have a feasible date or plan in place for resumption of schools. It beats my imagination that with the time already lost to the lockdown and ASUU strike, our government could even contemplate shutting schools any further, this gives us an idea of where their priority lies. Nevertheless, we will never remain silent and be traumatized by their irresponsible policies, instead we will stand up and fight and demand for what is ours howbeit within the arm-bit of the law. We would never resort to propaganda, violence, insurgency or terrorism instead we will engage government intellectually with facts and superior arguments using the power of the social media. Although endsars protest was hijacked by hoodlums, you would agree with me that the beginning of it was well coordinated and it yielded results, thanks to the social media. With the social media, we have forced the government to maintain 18 January 2020 resumption date as well as other irresponsible policies that were rescinded because of our resolve. I reiterate, we will never indulge in any form of violence but continue to engage government with facts and superior arguments like we did to the saga of the resumption date. With the statement of UNICEF that schools are not the drivers of Covid - 19 we have been justified and students can now go back to school and be allowed to study in peace without threat of closure no matter the spike in cases. I enjoin all to maintain the safety protocols and guidelines issued by NCDC especially as schools are ready to resume as the fight is not yet over. Covid - 19 has come to stay, we must learn to live with it. Finally, I appreciate everyone who wrote an article or a post to express their displeasure and air their veiw as regards the minister's statement on the resumption date and all those who shared my article, "Mallam Adamu Adamu open our schools," across all social media platforms, your voice has been heard and your fight has been won. That school will be resuming on the 18 January 2020 as earlier announced and not postponed is by your making. You guys are the real deal, you made it happen. At last 18 January 2021 resumption date is very sacrosanct, thanks to your resolve. Remember the fight is not over, maintain social distancing, use your face mask, wash or sanitize your hands and obey all Covid - 19 guidelines and protocols as will be issued out from time to time by NCDC, PTF and relevant bodies. Stay safe. JUSTICE EJEHI OMODIAGBE Writes from Zaria, Kaduna State.

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