The Day I Confirmed Witches And Wizards Do Exist.


Seriously speaking, I never believed there is anything like a witch or wizard until April 2018, when I started dating a girl living around my area, precisely FOUR compounds away. This particular girl in question is so young and beautiful, possessing everything I need in a woman, beautiful black skin color, lovely looking eyes, fresh waist and butt, only the waist and butt sef dey burst my skeli always...I can't even find the enough words to describe her. Then few days after we've started dating, we were going on our 3rd outing as lovers, then after we've started having fun with the catfish barbecue and veleta wine(I would've preferred an alcoholic red wine, but she's a teetotaler) we ordered for, She said to me, while resting her heads on my shoulder: guy I've come to notice within these few days we've been together that you're a very nice person, you know how to take care of a girl, and I would love to be with you for a very long time, but I'll tell you something now, before you hear it elsewhere, do you know I already have a child? Those words burst my head once at first but as the guy I've always been, after some quick meditation, I had to hold myself together, and said "Okay, no problem with it( I really liked the girl and I can't just leave her instantly because she opened up to me)". To cut the long story short, my new found love is always at my place whenever she's off-work, we are always seen together outdoors every evening, and that made my family members and everyone in the whole area, get to know about the relationship. And that was the beginning of a "civil" war between me, my family and everyone who knows me in aborivoriokpor quarter. Everybody turned me to their enemy, no one was greeting me anymore, all because they wanted me to leave this girl. Then I started asking myself, why would everyone, male and female, just turn against me just because I am dating a girl I like so much. Put aside the fact she is a single mother of one, she is barely 22. Still I no leave the girl, ME WEY NO DEY GET TIME FOR ANYBODY NORMALLY, Dem know how long I don dey eye dis girl? Na months o! THAT WAS WHEN I CONCLUDED WITHIN ME THAT I'VE BEEN LIVING WITH WITCHES AND WIZARDS IN MY AREA. Thanks for reading... Good morning and have a nice day.

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