Peter Obi: Sentiments Hampering Nigeria From Working

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Mr. Peter Obi has highlighted a major challenge hindering growth and development in - The former Anambra state governor decried that sentiment is a major requirement to get certain positions in the country - He lamented that those in authority are not making appointments based on competence but on emotions. Former Anambra state governor, Mr. Peter Obi, has declared that the reason Nigeria tends not to be working at this moment is that many individuals in various offices were recruited based on sentiment. Obi, a former vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, made the comment on Wednesday, January 13 when he commissioned a project in Rivers state. Obi decried the fact that people are recruited based on sentiment in the country. Channels Television quoted Obi saying: “The reason Nigeria is not working today is that people have been recruited based on “If we have to recruit you to be local government chairman, governor, vice president, president, and minister, it must be based on capacity and competence, which are viable not what we are doing now and the country is collapsing.”

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