Educational System Focus On Proficiency Or Growth?

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Educational systems are operated with either growth or proficiency in mind. Where proficiency is the focus, the school focuses on getting every student to a certain level of proficiency for their class or grade. Whereas in a growth-focus system, the emphasis is placed on helping the students to achieve their highest potential. The choice here is non-trivial. In proficiency systems, the concentration of resources is on getting the least performing students to a pre-determined level of proficiency usually at the expense of high-achieving students who tend to perceive school as slow and demoralizing. Growth systems, on the other hand, focus resources on maximizing student potential to achieve the best they can and continually improve the limits. In practice, this results to a focus on high-achieving students and as such lower achieving students or “regular” students, not in some form of “talented and gifted” program feel left out or unable to catch up. Which system should Nigeria adopt or transition to with educational reform? Which is best for the society at large? To sign up on our platform, kindly click on

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