Mind What You Read.


In the words of Francis Bacon, he said: reading makes a man, conference a ready man. It is important to state that reading is to the mind, what food is to the physical body. The physical body becomes sick and weak when the proper nutrient is not giving. The same thing applies to the feeding of the mind through reading… When the mind is not properly fed with the right content, it ends up decaying… A poor life is a result of a poor mindset… Whether you are 30,40, 20, or whatever age you may claim to be if you do not read you are dying. You are not better off than the man who cannot read if you do not take the time to invest in your mind through reading. You will continue to starve the mind when you do not give it the necessary balanced diet to help it to grow and become successful, productive. Don't allow your mind to be stunted in growth because if it is, it will automatically help in making you leave an unproductive life. However, it is expedient that you caution yourself on what to read. the books you read, as a way of conditioning your mind to think like the author. Reading is very powerful, and it can have a tremendous impact on your life whether negative or positive. Charles Darwin came across a book that was written by an atheist and he read, there is no God and this made him come up with his book known as the theory of evolution, and you know the adverse effect it has had on society today. In conclusion, be careful what you read, you are what you read. I hope this adds value to your developmental growth in life. © Amadu Isaac. Certified writer/Ebook creation/Political scientist/ Certificate of in Health, safety, and environmental/Deep thinker, Certificate in leadership, employability skills/Exegete. Shaping lives through the power of the pen.

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