Narialanders Let Be Truthful When Commenting In Threads.


Someone posted a thread on how his brother wife threw is things out because he cooked for a friend who visited and everyone was telling him to find a way to leave the house, is wrong for him to enter her kitchen bla bla bla.. This my question if it was her siblings that did the same would she throw his things out?? Most women are just wicked ,self centered and greed ....this happens in most home... women don't want there in-law visiting is only there people that are welcome.....they want to control the home. Kitchen is only an issue when the in-law enter to pick anything but if is there own relative you won't hear anything. My own older brother wife did same to our last born ....she always complaining anytime she visit for few days but her own bro/sis will visit for months without any sis haven't step his house for like 3yrs now because of that issh. Let always speak the truth when we give advise instead of being economical with the wasn't because the guy cooked for his friend she threw is things out just wickedness of most women... they don't want to see there in-laws....they want to cut the husband family off for there selfish reasons but if anything happens is still the same people they run to. This things happens alot and very annoying..... Only a foolish man take such rubbish from is wife.... YOU THROW MY SIBLINGS THINGS OUT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION YOU ARE GOING TO YOUR PARENT HOUSE.

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