Why Do We Find Love In Strange Places?


So as a lady, there's this guy you love so much that it seems as if your heart should tear apart for his sake.� You love him to pieces unto pieces yet he doesn't seem to notice you.� He cares less if you are alive or dead yet there are a hundred other guys behind you who adore you to pieces and are willing to love you until you give up the ghost yet you don't notice them. How I love this guy so much that my heart bleeds for his sake. I wish to be locked in his embrace forever. I find peace and fulfillment in his arms. I love this guy so much that everything about him fascinates me. Yet, he chose to break my heart. He chose to leave me to my pain...For whatever reasons.��‍♀️ Why do I love you this much young man?� Why does my heart bleed this much for you?� Why do I feel both pain and happiness each time I think about you? � How about mending this fragile heart that you broke? � How about touching it to melt for your sake? � How about hugging it so that it can be warm again? � Why is there love? ��‍♀️ Why do we love those who don't love us and then those we love, love someone who doesn't love them and the cycle continues and the pain and broken heart continues� Who designed this system? ��‍♀️ Who drafted this template? ��‍♀️ Do we need to have a broken heart in order to love much? � I love this guy yet he hurts me time without number with his little actions that are so big.� The things that matter to me don't matter to him. So I finally found love, but I found it in the wrong place.� It already belongs to someone who doesn't need it and treat it wrongly. It means a lot to me, but it is trash to the current owner. He already gave his heart to someone else and she is handling it roughly.� His heart bleeds for her and my heart bleeds for him and some other person's heart bleeds for mine.� The ones we want don't want us and the ones we don't want, want us.� And then we recycle broken hearts, � Each person is giving his heart to the next person who will throw it on the ground and trample on it while she gives her own heart to someone who will trample on it and the cycle continues.� Why do we find love in the wrong places?� Why can't we love and be loved back genuinely? � Why can't we have all our desires in one package? Why do we have to keep searching for the broken pieces for years in order to find the complete puzzle?��‍♀️ I thought I found love but alas, lo, it slipped out of my hands leaving me empty once again.� I was over the moon when I found love but my joy was short-lived. It left as soon as it came leaving me more heartbroken than it found me.� My heart bleeds but can only be expressed by silent sobs.� "Nobody must see my tears," I say! "I have to be strong lest I be regarded as weak." My burden, I carry alone.� Though it is too large for me, I have no option.� I have to move on else I expire on this spot.��‍♀️ Though the bleeding is much and the pains deep, yet I will take the first step. I will continue putting one foot in front of the other until I reach my destination. I will love myself even if nobody loves me. Until I get to my Paradise. Until I see my dreamland. It looks impossible but I am hopeful. Hopefully that one day, someday, I will find true love again. Hopeful that someday I will love someone who will love me back. Hopeful that I will find all my desire in one package, in one person. And he won't take for granted that which I give him. He won't take for granted my heart. He will handle it with care and shower it with love for though it has been broken a few times, it is healing gradually. Though it has been trampled upon a few times, it is still breathing. It has been through a lot, it is so weak and fragile but it is hopeful that the next hand that will handle it, will do so with love....genuine love.� Love me right this time around dear Mister. I am not as strong as I look.� Hidden within me is heart that has been through alot, yet is willing to give love another chance. Until then I keep loving myself even if nobody do, cause I was created in God's image.

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