666: Have You Seen This?


This guy goes by the moniker Billionaire.666. He is not a believer in CHRIST JESUS, or a follower of HIS Someone asked him a question on the forum and his response is what I want to post below because of how articulate he is. He explained in clear terms what so many people have been trying to explain in bits and pieces. He is not a Christian mind you. But I just want you to be aware of what is going on. The devil's plan was to deceive us into taking the mark of the beast. You were supposed to take the mark of the beast without knowing you were dooming your soul to death. But GOD exposed the devil in the book of Revelations. HE told us that we can know what that damnation plan of the devil is, because we would be ceoerced and then later forced to take the mark of the beast or else, we can't buy or sell, or be put to death. HE told us that the mark will be on the forehead or right-hand. Covid 19 vaccine by pfizer&BioNtech is the mark of the beast. It contains nano particles that will aim to disconnect you from GOD! (I will share someone's post as evidence of this soon on this thread; I have posted it below in the comment section). What some people are calling conspiracy theories, others like Elon Musk and Bill Gates have been freely discussing as the "future" You were warned!!!! > Interesting question. There are several nano-pathogens designed for Operation COVID-19. The aim is a Global Reset. So, a virus had to be engineered for the hunger games. The Corona wave tiers are weaponized versions of the flu with payloads for population reduction, population control, global economic and political reset and preparation to herald the New World Order - a world governed by machines under the management of Quantum AI computation under the supervision of upgraded humans. I think it is going to be a better world than this present system that has failed. Bear in mind that this flu on its own can not do much damage if not propagated via resonant carrier frequencies boosted by vectors powered by high fidelity internet, especially 5G. In essence, 5G wire fidelity nodes are capable of putting the brains and the brain waves online. To boost the efficacy of such brain-to brain and brain to machine simulation there is need for nano-level transmitters and transducers to be introduced to the brain for ease of tracking. So, that is where the nanochips in vaccines come in. When you are injected, the nanochip will migrate and log itself to your body as antenne enabling you to transmit your location and biodata to a central computing unit on quantum cloud servers. So in essence, the vaccines are actually vectors for tracking human behavior and actually hijacking the blueprint of the human system for the next simulation as we will have our digital copies as avatars in the cybernetic reality we are creating using the Quantum Computers. This is how simulations are created, just as this world is a simulation.....................................................And an NPC can become useful enough to merit a player called Higher Self or idle enough to become less interesting and be left to played by AI (sofia system). ”....... I think he meant "Sophia"

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