How To Know If You Are A Clout Chaser!

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The world as we know it changes every day .There are times when we gradually become the things we detest and we don’t even know it. We do some things that seem subtly good but in reality, that is just another phrase for bad. It is not bad for us to worry about our personal development once in a while and that is why I have come up with this post. what is Clout? To have Clout means to have power or influence. When you have this, people regard you and your opinions matter a lot. People are also interested in how you live your life if you have Clout. Over the years, the greatest Clout platform is social media because of how people spend time on it than they actually do in physical interactions. WHAT IS CLOUT CHASING? Clout Chasing is when someone does and says things for the sole purpose of becoming more popular especially on social media. How to identify a Clout Chaser Read full post here:

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